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The subscription request is completed in four steps:

Registration in four steps

CPS card : If you are a healthcare professional with a CPS card, this step allows you to enter your PIN code.

Personal information : fill in all of your information (address, telephone number, etc).

Specify your areas of interest : this step lets you enter the areas of interest to which you wish to subscribe (subject to validation).

Validation of information : recap of all data entered and final confirmation of your subscription.

Terms and conditions of use

A. General conditions of use

By using this site and the related services, you agree to comply with the general conditions of use and navigation defined below.

B. Objectives

The objective of the Healthcare Portal is to provide information through tools and services for the general public and healthcare professionals.

The Portal also offers, on a restricted basis, access to:

secure messaging systems for healthcare professionals
collaborative working tools for associations or healthcare networks in the region

1. Copyright

All elements accessible on the site are protected by copyright (texts, photographs, images, icons, sounds, videos, databases) and remain the exclusive property of their respective authors.

In accordance with Article L.122-4 of the French Intellectual Property Code, the reproduction, modification, publication, or adaptation, in part or in full, of the PORTAL is therefore subject to written agreement in advance from the publisher.

2. Regulations

You are hereby notified that all current laws and regulations are applicable on the Internet.

Therefore, when you use and browse through the services offered on the healthcare portal, you must comply with all the following applicable regulations:

3. Extraction

You are prohibited from

carrying out an extraction from online databases, which remain the exclusive property of the publisher, and in particular from activity data made available to you, with the exception of software applications that are specifically downloadable on the healthcare portal
using these databases in an abnormal context that is not listed in these conditions of use

4. Public order

You must comply with regulations on pornographic, racist or illegal content that could harm the integrity or sensitivity of another Internet user or could harm the publisher's brand image though provocative messages, texts or images.

Respect for the private life of individuals, Internet users logged in to the healthcare portal or third parties

In this regard, you agree to refrain from disseminating, within the interactive services available to you, messages that are offensive, insulting, denigrating, degrading or that are unrelated to the topics addressed.

5. Right of the press

You are required to refrain from defaming or insulting any individual, logged-on Internet user, third party or partner.

6. Electronic fraud

In this regard, you must refrain from attempting to hack into an automated data processing system and from altering, in full or in part, the elements contained therein. You are notified that such acts are subject to criminal penalties. More specifically, in the context of interactive services, the publisher reserves the option of deleting, immediately and without notice, any content of any kind whatsoever, and in particular any message, photograph or graphic that breaches current laws and regulations and in particular the regulations listed above.