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01 · General questions

By using the Courbaril portal services offered by your GCS, you benefit from a simple, efficient, and secure tool for exchanging and sharing information with all of the healthcare professionals in your region. This makes your task easier and offers improved healthcare delivery.

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02 · How do I log on?

You are offered two operating modes to connect to your secure space:

  • either by simple authentication, with a user name and password,
  • or with a strong authentication. In this case, several factors are combined, such as the password and a single use code, which is received by email or SMS beforehand.


If you decide to use a strong authentication, you will have access to more services. To do this:

  • With your CPS card: first check that your browser is configured to be able to establish a connection with the card reader (this is the case, for example, for accessing the AMELI services). If not, opt to log on without the CPS card.
  • Ensure that your CPS card is correctly inserted into the card reader and that you have received the registration confirmation email. Enter your PIN code then confirm. You are now connected!
  • Without the CPS card: When you registered online, you provided your email address as well as a cell phone number. A single use code was then sent to your by email or SMS, depending on your preference. In your connection space - without a CPS card - enter your user name and password, then confirm. Once the code is sent, enter it in the field provided for authentication and confirm. You are now connected! Remember that when you choose this operating mode, a new single-use code will be sent to you each time you log on.


If you opt for a simple authentication connection, just the user name and password are required. Always remember that in choosing this connection option, the level of security is weaker than that of the strong authentication. Also note that this type of connection only gives you restricted access to the services on the platform.

03 · How do I use the services?

To access your secure message account, which is built into the telemedicine service, a simple email address is sufficient to then have the option of communicating with all healthcare professionals, completely confidentially. Connect to your secure space and let us guide you.

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