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New technologies are provided for patients and healthcare professionals by offering them a useful and efficient system through the telemedicine service.


The Telemedicine service provided by the Courbaril portal connects patients with healthcare professionals, and also connects the physicians to each other. A new medical practice has been established using this computer-based tool.

It enables:

  • Diagnosing,
  • High-risk patient follow-up,
  • Preparation of a treatment program,
  • Prescription of medication or care.


Telemedicine allows healthcare professionals to do 5 things:

  • Teleconsultation: a doctor talks to a patient remotely (may or may not be accompanied by a healthcare professional) and makes a diagnosis,
  • Tele-expertise: a doctor consults the expertise of colleagues on medical information related to a patient,
  • Medical telemonitoring: a doctor monitors and diagnoses a patient using their medical data,
  • Medical teleassistance: a doctor assists a colleague remotely through medical action,
  • Medical regulation: doctors who are part of the SAMU (French System of Emergency Medical Assistance) (15) establish a primary diagnosis over the phone in order to give the most appropriate response for the patient at a later stage.



  • Improves patient follow-up at home,
  • An efficient tool when there is a lack of medical resources in certain geographic areas,
  • Easy access to patient care,
  • Enables patient follow-up by healthcare professionals who are sometimes far from their geographic area,
  • Controls costs and saves time,
  • Quality of diagnosing as information is shared between healthcare professionals.