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We offer a secure message system within our telemedicine service, which enables the secure exchange of information with colleagues in your region.

Secure message systemWith just an email address, our secure message tool gives you the option of corresponding with all healthcare professionals. This is completely secure, in line with the decree of May 15, 2007. This service includes sending emails and sharing files. It is easy to use and does not require any software installation on your part. You can remain connected whilst guaranteed a confidential, protected, and personalized space. With access to the directory listing all of the healthcare professionals, you can see all healthcare workers in just a few clicks, whatever their discipline.


  • Improves care coordination,
  • Establishes links between other healthcare workers quickly and in real time,
  • Data related to your patients is quickly received,
  • Data is safely sent and received, and exchanges are traceable,
  • Saves time spent on patient management.