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The Operational Resource Directory is a comprehensive computer-based tool that helps healthcare professionals to improve the direction of their patients in their healthcare delivery.

ROR (Operational Resource Directory)Originally designed to help the emergency services, with a single click, the ROR can access an exhaustive and detailed directory of all of the healthcare delivery systems in Guadeloupe and the Caribbean region. It allows you to direct the patient towards the closest, most appropriate healthcare organization.

This includes searching for a hospital, bed availability, and a specialist, as well as operating hours, attendance, on-call doctors, foreseen closures, and the distance between a center and the place where the patient is cared for…this system lets you see your search results in the form of data sheets belonging to each listed entity (address, telephone, specialties, equipment, schedules, etc.).


  • Better patient direction, particularly downstream of emergency care,
  • Better knowledge of healthcare chains, specialties in the region, and technical resources (scanners, MRI, etc.),
  • Detailed identification of each healthcare professional/organization,
  • Information on hospitalization capacities,
  • Saves time in identifying the most appropriate healthcare service – and by extension saves time for the patient