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Closely monitor hospital capacity and activity in the region to better anticipate and be warned of any potential health crisis.

Monitoring and health alertsThis service operates as an observation tool for hospital activity, especially with regard to the emergency services, and provides not only essential data needed to anticipate potential health crises but also informs of epidemiological situations. Both the movements and frequency of use of the emergency services by age range and the number of available beds are parameters that can be observed using this service. By gathering and analyzing the information from the practices in these hospitals on a regional level, the response to any health crisis will only be improved and better adapted.

By keeping an eye on the activity in each center, you can be alerted as quickly as possible in the event of an epidemiological situation and can better react in the interest of your patients.


  • Better patient management,
  • Standardization of healthcare practices and reactions to alerts,
  • Improved reactivity,
  • Data analysis for better epidemiological risk prevention,
  • Analysis of needs to improve healthcare services