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DRCs for cancer are multidisciplinary consultation meetings that bring together healthcare professionals from the oncology field.

DRCDRCs for cancer promote the pooling of healthcare workers' skills in order to offer diagnoses and define treatments for patients suffering from cancer. Within its organization, each DRC for cancer must be made up of at least three physicians from the following fields: Oncology, Surgery, Radiology.

They confer on files presented by referring doctors and collectively decide on the most appropriate management options in favor of each patient. Healthcare professionals can then offer the patient a tailored healthcare program, adapted treatments, tailored follow-up, etc. The proposed decision is then offered to the patient.


  • Optimal patient management with a complete file,
  • Sharpened diagnosis viewed by senior professionals,
  • Saves time spent on management,
  • The offer is tailored and thus better adapted to the patient,
  • Skills pooling,
  • A better grasp of healthcare delivery.